Training Services

Training Services


MSS values the importance of vocational training and therefore operates a training wing and maintains an e-Training website that can offer security training courses open to the public as well as in-house staff.


Basic Guarding Course

MSS conducts Basic Guarding Course now recognised by and registered with the Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority (SGSIA) and the Vocational Training Council (VTC) under the Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS).  This will later be Quality Assurance System Recognition Scheme (QASRS) under the Qualifications Framework, Hong Kong.  This mandatory 16-hour basic training course is open to members of the general public.  


On-the-job Training

MSS runs a series of in-house on-the-job training, either online or on-site, for Guards, Supervisors, Officers and Manager to refresh and update the knowledge required of them in discharge of their duties.


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Executive Protection Training

The MSS Protective Services training program applies the doctrines of ‘Arm’s Reach Principle’ & ‘Collapse & Evacuate’.  It is based on the methods & tactics used by the US Secret Service & the Royal Military Police (which trains the SAS) which are internationally recognized for their protective services excellence.

The course contents have been taught in the USA for over 15 years, where attendees include Police (SWAT), Military (being deployed to a conflict/war zone to protect Senior Officers), various government agencies (international), Fortune 500 company in-house teams & others.

The MSS protective services programme includes:

  • Initial level course
  • Intermediate level Course
  • Advance level course – Detail leaders & high threat environment/conflict zone operations.

The courses are designed to be challenging and are NOT training to the lowest denominator. They involve 30% theory & 70% practical with a final written, then practical exam (scenario based simulated protection operation) which must be passed (75% pass mark), to graduate.

The courses teach the ‘Hard Skills’ (methods, tactics, Attack on principal drills, advance operations, etc.), but also the ‘Soft Skills’ (etiquette, operating in the corporate environment, etc.), as well as modules covering physiology – how the body reacts to stress/danger and psychology – ‘flight or fight syndrome’, decision making under stress, problem solving & more.

Students undergo aptitude testing, vetting & suitability assessments, before being accepted (or not) for training.

The MSS Lead instructor is a 25-year veteran with real-world international experience including high threat and conflict zone operations, as well as 15 years as an adjunct instructor in the US. He is a recognized subject matter expert and speaks at international conferences/forums. Some of his protection operations are used as teaching aids by a US based university.