Service Pledges


Mission - MSS is committed to providing Protection on top of Security, by mitigating against Threats over Risks to give our clients complete peace of mind.


MSS has two objectives. The primary objective is to highlight the differentials between the service level commitment of MSS, which has a successful track record; as well as to meet the immediate needs of the client’s management by providing a professional security guarding service, supported by crisis management and risk/threat mitigation experts, and by written reports of the findings, recommendations and situation throughout the duration of the contract.

The second objective of MSS is to a cultivate a long-term partnership with the Client by utilising all the MSS framework of proven specialised experience and skills, and not just guarding services. 


When providing our services, MSS will ensure that every member or our team is committed to the Client’s goals.  We remain flexible to your needs and expectations, so your staff can be assured ‘peace of mind’ and are able to focus on their core tasks, while we focus on ours: your day-to-day security, safety, wellbeing, risks & mitigating against evolving threats, whether direct and/or indirect.


This means MSS will be proactive and reactive to ensure a safe, healthy environment, where MSS personnel are seen as ‘Customer Service Representatives / Visitor Ambassadors’ rather than a ‘security force’.  MSS wishes to confirm the commitment of our entire office to providing quality, professional and efficient services to the Client. MSS recognises that the concept of ‘service excellence’ is the leading-edge factor when developing long lasting relationships.


Service Excellence’ is an integral part of the MSS’ mission statement, as a result, management regularly emphasises this point with all members of guarding and consulting teams, to ensure everyone is totally committed and properly trained in providing quality technical advice in a way which adds value and mitigates against any adverse situations; which could impact the client.
As such MSS management is involved in all projects in a ‘hands on’ manner, by way of regular on-site meetings & inspections.

Our team strives to be the leaders in ‘service excellence’ by:

  • Responding promptly to all enquiries - your e-mails, faxes, letters and telephone calls should be acknowledged within one day, if not immediately. If your enquiry cannot be answered immediately, we will advise you when you can expect to receive a reply.
  • Being accessible and responsive 24/7/365
  • Maintaining client confidentiality and protect the Client’s reputation and branding.
  • Handling all requests with courtesy & efficiency


Such are nothing less than Client is entitled to and will receive from MSS.  Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, service is frequently overlooked. At MSS, we seek to differentiate ourselves by providing our clients with service excellence to meet and then exceed the client’s expectations.


The primary objectives of MSS would be the following:

  • Oversee and provide input for all aspects of the security, safety and wellbeing operation
  • Provide proactive and reactive measures to ensure the smooth running of the safety operation, crisis management and risk mitigation perspectives, as well as to identify and curtail threats early in their evolution cycle
  • Provide a complete troubleshooting and a ‘Mr. Fixit’ program to ensure no activities prejudice the safety, wellbeing of all stakeholders
  • Take appropriate and discreet steps to ensure that the name and goodwill of the client is not damaged or adversely affected in any way
  • Provide an unbiased, independent third-party perspective to assist in pre-empting and/or resolving any disputes or detrimental incidents
  • Undertake consulting and investigative support where and/or when necessary


The Core Values of MSS are 1) Integrity,  2) Branding and  3) Quality.


MSS sees Service Quality as one of the three Core Values and the '1-2-3' Service Pledge on complaints and queries was put in place to ensure work efficiency.  It follows that complaints or queries received in any form will be responded to and investigated within one (1) working day and corresponding actions to be taken within two (2) working days.  Within three (3) working days all actions should be completed and a formal reply to be made to the originator.