[2021-08-27] e-Training Platform augments Traditional In-class Training at MSS



In October 2020, MSS introduced and began running its e-Training Platform by use of a Web App on a Smartphone to link with the e-Training website; this was in addition to its traditional In-class Training. MSS’ e-Training has interactive online lectures and quizzes as well as live video talks with the Chief Trainer as and when needed. At MSS, on-the job training is provided to frontline officers on a monthly basis with a yearly schedule planned in advance and tailored to the Clients’ needs, all with electronic logs and certificates of completion for Clients’ reference and mutual records. The e-Training Platform is also part of the Certificate in Basic Security Services (Qualification Framework Level 1) Course conducted by MSS, which guides students to access the specified learning materials in the most convenient manner.

宏力保安於二〇二〇年十月引入及操作電子訓練平台,利用智能手機透過網絡應用程式連接主訓練網站,來輔助及加強傳統的課堂訓練;宏力保安的電子訓練提供互動及在線的講課和測驗,有需要時更可與總訓練主任現場視像對話;宏力保安一向每月為前線人員提供在職訓練,而這些訓練都是由訓練部每年籌劃或就客户要求而度身訂造,全程有電子記程和合格證書供客户備考及作雙方紀錄。電子訓練平台亦是宏力保安所舉辦的保安員培訓證書 (資歷架構第一級)課程的一部分,讓學員非常方便地透過平台找到課程指定的學習材料。


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