Monitoring Services

Central Alarm Monitoring Station (CAMS)


MSS runs a Central Alarm Monitoring Centre in accordance with the local authority's requirements.  This round-the-clock monitoring can provide you with peace of mind knowing someone is monitoring your security system at all times, and that a quick response to any alert is guaranteed.

When an alarm is tripped the signal is sent to the Control Centre, our duty controller will:

  1. Verify the signal
  2. Contact Key-holder
  3. Inform on-site Security and Police
  4. If required, dispatch MSS patrol team to alarm location

The alarm centre also provides tele-protection service for remote guards in accordance with local authority's requirements, with tele-protection report timely submitted to Clients.


Keyholding Service


MSS provides keyholding service along with the intruder alarm monitoring service in a way that our men instantly respond to system signals by interpreting the risk associated with each system alarm/fault thus enabling the determination of the most appropriate actions to be taken.  Our Control Officers with sufficient training and experience act as the human-machine interface to detect and prevent crimes likely to cause considerable loss by the Client.  Our Patrol (keyholding) Officers are fully conversant with the intruder alarm system operations and the procedures regarding the police deployment corresponding to the grading of intruder alarm according to the prevailing policies.  In this sense, this will help frontline police officers time and efforts in identifying a true or false alarms and locating problem areas within limited time.

Our keyholding service is mobile ready enough to arrive at destinations within prescribed time limits safeguarding the maximum benefits of the Client and most important of all is the interests of the public in case of real crimes.  The keys authorized to be possessed by MSS will be kept in safe custody and in an orderly manner by way of a professional and sound key management system.


Emergency Support


MSS will cover emergencies during callouts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to support the Client in the most effective and efficient manner by providing the mobile transport and well-equipped patrol officers to augment support in an odd situation and where circumstances warrant.  Our regional teams will be re-deployed to cover each other as and when necessary.