Technical Services


MSS offers a full range of security engineering services from project management, consultancy, design and build to system operations and maintenance.

MSS focuses on electronic security and sources high-end security products from strategic partners worldwide for integration on open platforms in the best interests of clients.  These include:

Perimeter Protection and Access Control

  • Perimeter Protection and Fencing
  • Road Bollard, Road Blocker and Under Vehicle Inspection
  • RFID, Biometrics, Octopus card, Smartcard and Smartphone-based Access and Egress Control
  • Optical Barrier and Turnstile

Video Surveillance and Management

  • IP-based High Definition Video Surveillance and Analytics
  • Facial Recognition and Analytics
  • People Counting and Heat Map Business Intelligence
  • Body-worn Video Camera

Asset Management

  • Asset/Person Tagging, Surveillance and Tracking

Security Screening

  • Vehicle, Cargo, Luggage and Baggage X-ray Screening (Gantry, Tunnel and Portable)
  • Portal and Handheld Metal Detectors
  • Dangerous Liquids, Chemicals, Explosives and Narcotics Detection
  • Active and Passive Electromagnetic Wave Body Scanning


  • Patrol, Delivery, Temperature-sensing and Information Robots and Self-assisted Visitor Management

Special Equipment

  • Traffic Surveillance, Directional Audio Reception or Very Low Light Video Surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)


  • Smartphone-controlled Intruder Alarm
  • Web-based Guard Tour and GPS-tracked Mobile Patrol Management
  • Smart Home and Automation
  • 5G/Ethernet IoT Alarm and Data Analysis
  • Satellite Master Antenna Television and Communal Aerial Broadcast Distribution
  • Video Intercom
  • Public Address System
  • Cloud-based Guard Tour and Patrol System


MSS also provides rental service of the following equipment:

  • Tunnel and Portable X-ray Scanners
  • Portal and Handheld Metal Detectors


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Technical Services