Consulting Services


MSS Consulting Office – An international standard and benchmarked team, with strong subject matter expertise and knowledge, as well as local & international experience. Individual consultants have over 40 years of security, policing or consulting experience plus strong theoretical and more importantly practical knowledge from international and local projects.

The Consulting Office provides a full suite of services under 5 categories:

  1. Security & Vulnerability Services: (i) Threat-Risk-Security-Vulnerability (for corporations, facilities), (ii) Personal Security Vulnerability (for Individuals), (iii) Site Security Vulnerability (for commercial, industrial and residential sites), (iv) Security Audits, (vi) Security Policy & Procedures Review (vii) Event Security – risk, threat, vulnerability assessment & security plan development.
  2. Resilience Services: (i) Threat Mitigation, Management & Response, (ii) Risk Mitigation, Management & Response, (iii) Crisis Management and Response, Disaster Response, Management & Recovery, (iv) Business Continuity Planning, Management & Response, (vi) Security Risk Management, (vii) Protective Intelligence.
  3. Corporate/Individual Travel Security – MSS has a strong & robust global footprint & assistance/response protocols via trusted & long-established strategic partners.
  4. Specialist Services: (i) Technical Surveillance Countermeasures ‘TSCM’, and (ii) Computer Forensics.
  5. Investigative Services: (i) Due Diligence (corporate entities), (ii) Background Checks Individuals), (iii) internal/external fraud – MSS has a Certified Fraud Examiner full-time. (iv) Litigation support and (v) workmen compensation insurance claims & fraud.

Security & Vulnerability Consulting

  • Threat, Risk, Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Personal Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Site Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Audits
  • Security Policy & Procedures Review Development
  • Event Security & Planning

Resilience Consulting

  • Threat Management & Emergency Response
  • Crisis Management & Emergency Response
  • Disaster Recovery & Emergency Response
  • Business Continuity Planning & Emergency Response
  • Security Risk Management
  • Protective Intelligence

Travel Security Consulting

  • Corporate Travel Security & Risk Assessments

Other Specialist Services

Investigative Support Services

  • Due Diligence
  • Background Checks
  • Internal / External Fraud
  • Litigation Support
  • Personal Service



Consulting Services