Protection Services


Only elite security personnel are selected for physical and protective security of individuals. Our officers are background checked and come from different nationalities, most having some form of disciplinary force experience. Our officers have all received formal training in close protection techniques, and can be supplied to perform vehicle escorting; ad hoc or round the clock (24hrs) protection to celebrities, corporate executives and members of the general public.

MSS in-house EP training program is a 21-day course to prepare trainees for effective operational ability up to high threat environment.  Furthermore, the training is challenging and in order to graduate a written and practical examination must be passed.  MSS' EP graduates must undergo regular continuation training, scenario-based training and ‘force-on-force attack on principal’ training iterations.

MSS protection agents are required to meet exacting standards in order to maintain their deployable status. These standards are set by the company’s lead protection agent.

MSS’ lead protection agent has over 25 years of international operational experience and expertise, built whilst operating in threat environments up to and including high threat, conflict and war zones.  He also has strong training credentials, developed over 10 years of providing protective services training in the USA (biennially) as an instructor with a training partner, who have trained US military personnel deploying to war zones in a protection role (for senior officers), US law enforcement officers including SWAT, SRT, ERT team members, US State Department protection agents, high net worth individual/family protection teams, corporate in-house protection teams (e.g. Northrop Grumman, Microsoft), other organizations (e.g. Church of Latter Day Saint’s protective services program) and independent contractors.


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Protection Services