[2021-06-18] Megalove Volunteers Team Joins Force with Groups’ Team of Love

Water Race 2021


The ‘MSS Megalove Volunteers Team’ together with the ‘Team of Care’ of the parent group joined hands to take up the challenge of the ‘Hong Kong Water Race 2021’.  The event took place at Shing Mun Reservoir in end-May to raise awareness of the importance of saving Hong Kong’s valuable water resource.  Since 2003 the ‘Team of Care’ has been proclaimed the champion of the highest number of service hours award on no less than fourteen occasions.  MSS is earnest to have part of its volunteer activities to be amalgamated with those of ‘Team of Care’ as a step forward in implementing Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Megalove Volunteers Team members engaging in the race are pictured at bottom right hand corner.





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