With over 30 years of Professional Inflight Services experience, Keren CHEUNG (Middle) lastly served  Korean Air as a Flight Purser.  On invitation, Keren recently joins MSS as the Instructor of its support services team facilitating both professional etiquette and attire standards to meet varying needs of Clients at property sales centres.  Head of the team, Security Manager David HUNG (R), tells Keren’s joining as being a crucial first move of the company’s improvement and raising of standards above others in this subject area.  Hannah LAW (L) is one of the Customer Service Ambassador undergoing new training.

原為大韓航空的機艙事務長,擁有超過三十年機艙服務經驗的張淑敏(圖中) 最近獲邀加入宏力保安擔任售樓支援服務團隊的導師,負責人員的禮儀訓練和服裝選配,藉以提升專業水準達到客户於不同場合和環境的要求;主管售樓支援服務的保安經理洪超羣(圖右)透露,張淑敏的加盟是該服務項目連串改進重要的第一步,公司日後更會不斷將服務概念推陳出新,羅慧敏(圖左)是其中一位正在接受全新培訓的客户服務大使。


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