Sami Mui


MSS Senior Security Manager Sami MUI (photo) attached to One ifc has received two meritorious awards in a row for his bravery, professionalism and leadership displayed, a role model in both the industry and the company. In February this year, he and his subordinate gave chase and subsequently apprehended the fleeing suspect of a theft case. This leads to the award of Certificate of Merit 2020 by the Hong Kong Security Association as well as the Property Management Week 2020’ Outstanding Practitioners Award.

駐國金一期的宏力高級保安經理梅健洲(圖),於本年二月當值期間,處理一宗盜竊案遇到疑犯逃走,與隨員奮不顧身追截及將賊人繩之於法; 其勇敢行為及專業領導能力,連續獲得香港保安業協會2020最佳保安員嘉許奬及2020物業管理周優秀從業員獎項,為行業及同僚的典範。


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