Tim Mak


Tim MAK (photo) is a Senior Customer Service Officer cum Security-in-charge attached to Sales Department of the parent group, having joined MSS for more than ten years. Being a conscientious worker in character, he is also a beloved father as well as husband. Tim shares his motto at work which is to let customers or peers rest assured by thinking from their angles.

Tim MAK(圖)是駐集團營業部的高級客戶服務主任,並兼任駐場保安主管,加入宏力保安已超過十年, 是一位非常熱枕工作的好丈夫好爸爸;Tim分享他自入行以來的工作座右銘,是能夠設身處地為客人或同事著想,來赢取他們的信心和安心。


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