Cindy CHU became Employee Compensation Specialist and Youth Team Key Member


Cindy CHU had been endorsed to take a 3-month advanced course in Japan last year before she returned to act as MSS’ Employee Compensation Specialist, responsible for seeking the best solutions for both Employee and Employer. Recently she has also been hand-picked to become a key member of the Youth Team for focus training on Staff Relations. Cindy’s photo was taken in Japan.

去年曾獲公司加許前往日本攻讀三個月深造課程的朱芷嫻, 現時是宏力保安的僱員賠償専員,專責處理所有有關的個案,為員工及公司尋找最合適的解決方案來保障雙方;她最近更被挑選為作重點培訓的青年團隊的主力成員,並向公司提出改善職員關係的建議, 圖為朱芷嫻在日本留影。