[2019-10-09] Mike SHARP appointed Senior Manager

Mike Sharp


MSS announces the joining of a new management team member, Mike Sharp, a military and law enforcement veteran who has served in Hong Kong for nearly three decades. Throughout his life Mike has remained a keen angler and become famous for his fishing books published worldwide. Mike is now Senior Manger (Management Support) heading the Support Department and acting as Principal Consultant to key customers.

宏力保安最近與香港BCS Technologies公司簽署展開雲端編更及報更系統PeopleHours™的服務協議, 在2019-10-02與宏力高級經理(管理支援)Mike Sharp交換諒解備忘錄時BCS總經理湯維雄表示, 來自英國的PeopleHours™屬同類系統最先進及最精密的, 並為宏力保安的要求率先度身改良的。