[2020-10-16] Alan CROWTHER joins MSS as Senior Consultant



MSS announces the joining of a new team member Alan CROWTHER (photo) who has taken up the post of Senior Consultant in the Consulting Office currently focusing on work connected to two unique developments that MSS has been working on.  Alan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of training and compliance to roles and duties accumulated from 33 years of local police experience together with work over the last five years in the Middle East, and the private sector in Hong Kong undertaking both consultancy and Head of Security roles in the security industry and AsiaWorld-Expo.

宏力保安宣布高達理 (圖) 加入顧問辦公室為高級顧問,専責兩個特别發展項目及集中於訓練和合規管理兩方面,他擁有三十三年來自本地警隊、另外五年在中東以及亞洲國際博覧館,分别擔任顧問及保安總監的豐富知識和經驗。


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