[2020-05-31] Danny NGAN promoted to Senior AGM

Danny NGAN


MSS announces the promotion of Mr Danny NGAN to Senior Assistant General Manager. Mr NGAN has been heading security operations for the past four years and now assumes a wider management scope. Before joining MSS, he had served Sino Security Services Limited and Hong Kong Police Force. Mr NGAN has a wealth of forty years of management experience and sets an outstanding personal example in leading all MSS security personnel to discharge duties professionally and with dignity.

宏力保安宣布顏楚國先生晉升為高級助理總經理; 在過去四年,顏先生一直主管整體保安運作, 日後將進一步擴濶他的管理工作,在加入宏力保安之前,顏先生曾服務信和護衞有限公司及香港警隊,他擁有四十年管理經驗,並樹立突出的個人榜樣,帶領全體宏力保安人員專業及有尊嚴地執行工作。