Chu and Li


Two MSS security guards, CHU Kam Hong and LI Chun Yin have received compliments from the mall management and customers for their good work in two recent incidents.  In the first case, MSS Guard CHU immediately took charge of a person fallen down and believed to be a street sleeper passing by with his ragged appearance and unfavoured smell. CHU proceeded without hesitation to give assistance until the man regained his faculties and was fit to go at which time he departed the mall. In the other case, MSS Guard LI offered to escort an old woman who was found having difficulties walking due to zig-zag progress through the mall. The old lady eventually completed her tour to desired shops while her safety was ensured by MSS Guard LI.  The two outstanding guards are stationed at the ifc mall, and have brought great credit to MSS while setting excellent examples for other colleagues to follow in terms of customer service and powers of observation.

 Photo (L to R):  (Resident) Senior Security Manger Sami MUI, LI Chun Yin, CHU Kam Hong, Chief Security Manager Anthony LUI





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