MSS Assistant Chief Security Manager Edmund CHEUNG has recently received a ‘Thank You’ letter handwritten by a flat owner of a residential estate in Tai Po.  In the letter, three MSS guards, namely LAI Wing Yee, YAU Suk Yee and PAN Qun are complimented.  Team leader LAI is conscientious and attends to details, and in all weathers stands guard at the estate’s main gate taking up the command as if he is defending for all residents.  YAU is courteous and especially looks after and facilitates those aged; she manages to memorise all surnames of each and every resident she meets.  PAN always has a smiling face to greet residents and wholeheartedly performs her duty.  The three outstanding guards has earned appreciation and recognition form MSS management and their devotion to work sets an example for all colleagues to emulate.

Photo (L to R): Assistant Chief Security Manager Edmund CHEUNG, LAI Wing Yee, YAU Suk Yee, PAN Qun, Assistant Security Manager WONG Kwok Leung





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