MSS recently received a complimentary  letter in respect of Guards HW TSANG and KF SHUM. The letter stated that the guards excelled themselves while carrying out their routine duties in a most conscientious manner while exhibiting good customer service and skills which earned them top scores in a mystery shopper visit to where they work. The letter went onto say that they not only demonstrated that they could follow set standards and procedures perfectly but also they exhibited enthusiasm and initiative in dealing with emergencies carried out in a proper and caring manner. MSS Management is therefore proud to have these two elite officers to work in the MSS family.

 Photo (L to R) : KF SHUM, HW TSANG, Security Manager Ben JIM


宏力保安最近收到客户的一封讚揚信,部分內容是這樣寫的: 「...保安員曾漢榮及沈家妃在日常工作中認真,且具備良好的客戶服務意識和技能, 在上季神秘顧客測試中成績理想 ;從評語中,發現其有按照公司規定做出工作標準及程序來處理事件。在日常工作中亦有表現出對工作熱誠,並盡力完成公司所交辦的各項工作。遇到緊急事件亦能主動到達現場並嘗試提供適切協助。在平凡的崗位上做出了不平凡的成績,工作表現得到本處肯定。在此管理處提出書面表揚...」,而宏力管理層對於在團隊大家庭裡,有兩位這麽敬業樂業的精英人員感到驕傲不已。



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