sammy cheung


Sammy CHEUNG is dedicated to training during his more than 30 years in the security industry. He has been for four times appointed as a co-opted member of Hong Kong's Security Industry Training Advisory Committee. Sammy is now MSS’ Staff Relations and Training Manager as well as Principal Lecturer of the government-recognised Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS) Security Training Course. Sammy is also an amateur long distance runner and swimmer.

張五斤(圖)已入行超過三十年是保安業界一位資深從業員,並且大部分時間投身於訓練工作,更四度獲委為香港保安服務行業培訓諮詢委員會增選委員, 他現時是宏力保安的職員關係及訓練經理,亦是QAS優質保安証書課程的總講師,正積極推動在網上進行的在職訓練輔助前線日常工作,張五斤也是一位業餘長跑及游泳好手。


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