[2019-10-02] MSS takes PeopleHours™ for duty reporting and rostering

Mike SHARP and Paul TONG


MSS has earlier entered into agreement with BCS Technologies Hong Kong to launch PeopleHours™, the Cloud-based Duty Rostering and Reporting System for use by the Frontlines in the enhancement of attendance and payroll management. In the exchange of Memorandum of Understanding today (2019-10-02) with MSS Senior Manager-Management Support Mike Sharp, BCS General Manager Paul Tong says the UK's PeopleHours™ is the most advanced and sophisticated system of its kind and is customized to meet MSS requirements ahead of the local market.

宏力保安最近與香港BCS Technologies公司簽署展開雲端編更及報更系統PeopleHours™的服務協議, 在2019-10-02與宏力高級經理(管理支援)Mike Sharp交換諒解備忘錄時BCS總經理湯維雄表示, 來自英國的PeopleHours™屬同類系統最先進及最精密的, 並為宏力保安的要求率先度身改良的。


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