Kenny CHAN & Sky LAU took up Digital Marketing focusing on eCRM and SEO


Moving Fast! - Forward-looking and ambitious young men team up and head to Digital Marketing (DM), an area MSS has never advanced to. Kenny CHAN (R) and Sky LAU (L), who are key members of the company's marketing team as well as the recently formed Youth Forum, evolve few years after their joining the company upon university graduation. The two now put their initial focus on online CRM and SEO with their innovative ideas earned from external formal DM training courses.

全速前進! – 具前瞻及雄心的年青人員結隊步向數碼市場推廣(Digital Marketing),一個宏力保安未曾踏進過的領域; 陳茂東(右)及劉俊華(左)是市務部與及新成立的青年論壇的主力成員,大學畢業後隨即加入公司服務剛幾年; 他倆先將焦點放在線上客戶關係管理(online CRM) 及搜尋引擎優化(SEO), 並注入在外間正規數碼市場推廣課程學回來的創新概念。