Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM)


Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM)

Commercial Espionage and Information Leaks


Industrial and economic espionage is flourishing in the region and the current eco-nomic climate has made the threat even stronger. Today in Hong Kong anyone that wishes to listen in on private conversations or steal trade secrets can easily buy ready-made kits to cheat you out of your hard earned profits. MSS offers a range of solutions to help detect and prevent such attacks, ena-bling you to protect yourself today.

Restricted previously to unscrupulous 'investigators', corporate spies are now being recruited from within companies; dissatisfied or retrenched employees are numerous and many of them are willing to help the competition to supplement their pay-cut or expected redundancy. 


Service Inclusions

  • Sweep team will consist of  trained operatives and can be carried out at the client's convenience. During work hours (Overt) to act as a deterrent or after working hours (Covert) when a more serious threat is perceived.
  • Thorough Physical Search will be conducted with discreet security seals being applied to strategic locations.
  • Main objectives of sweep team will be to; Detect and locate active eavesdropping devices, which are using free space or cables as the transmission medium using a combination of the following equipment:


  •  Andre Nearfield Detector Receiver / CPM700 Multi-purpose Detector (RF Sniffer and Microwave Broadband Probe 9KHz to 12 GHz), with AC Carrier Current VLF Probe Receiver, Infrared Probe, Magnetic Probe & Acoustic Leakage Probe from REI, USA.
  •  OSCOR GREEN Radio Frequency Spectrum Analyzers (Up to 24GHz), from REI, USA
  •  Near-field Signal Detector (30 MHz to 6 GHz covering both analog & digital signals including WiFi, Bluetooth, Spread Spectrum, Cellular 2G GSM / 3G UMTS / 4G LTE /5G) with sensitivity adjustment, vibration alarm & acoustic signal mode
  •  Protect 1206i Directional WiFi & Bluetooth Signal Locator with directional antenna
  •  RF/EMF/EF-390 Digital Field Hunter & Data Logger up to 10GHz coverage
  •  ANKER-4E Handheld Field Survey Detector
  •  Magnetic mount GPS tracker locator
  •  WEGA-i Hidden Optical Video Camera Locator
  •  Auto RF AV Scanner (900MHz, 1200MHz, 2400MHz & 5800MHz bands)
  •  FLIR One & CAT S6 Portable Thermal Infrared Imagers
  •  TALAN Telephone Analyzer Kits, from REI, USA
  •  ORION NJE-4000 & Orion 2.4 Non-Linear Junction Evaluator, from REI, USA
  •  Cable/Line Tracer, Invisible Marker & UV Light System
  •  Search Tools, Metal Detector, Mirrors, Video Search Extended Flexi Monitor & Digital Multi-meter, etc.


  • Presentation of a Post Service Report including observations and recommendations as appropriate will be supplied within 7 working days of service completion.