[2021-11-26] MSS e-Application and e-Interview save time for Job Seekers

e-Employee Application Sysyem


The MSS e-Employment Application System with e-Interview function is now fully operational and open to Job Seekers. Applicants can log into the system by registration using basic information to make a booking for e-Interview. The e-Interview takes place on the web through video-conferencing tools such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Zoom or MS Teams. Only after a successful interview do applicants need to fill in a standard e-form to complete the e-Application process. These simple steps will greatly save applicants travelling and waiting time they currently have to spend when making a normal employment application. All applicants are now encouraged to go and try by starting the process at https://eeas.msshk.com/register


當中包含網上面試預約功能的宏力保安電子職位申請系統,現已全面啓用及開放予求職者使用,申請者只需提供基本資料在網站登記,然後預約網上面試時間,透過視像會議程式例如WhatsApp, Wechat, Skype, Zoom, or MS Teams 進行面試,面試成功後需要填寫電子表格去完成職位申請手續。這幾個簡單步驟大大省卻求職者一般需要花的交通和等候時間,歡迎立即前往https://eeas.msshk.com/register申請宏力保安職位。