Gladys Yau


Gladys YAU (photo), a first degree holder from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, had amassed solid field security work experience from some prestigious developments in real life before her mid 20’s.  At this crossroad she became determined to take up a new challenge at MSS in the area of marketing.  Gladys in her present posting has been tasked to focus on developing MSS’ own e-Customer Care Centre (eCCC) which is based on the world-famous customer relationship management software “Salesforce”.  It is one of the company’s digitalisation projects and is scheduled to be launched at the end of 2021.  This will greatly enhance customer service experience through an online platform powered by the Salesforce CRM at the backend.  Going into the final preparatory stage, Gladys is now ready to help unfold a new digital era page for MSS.


二十多歲的邱怡霖(圖)畢業於香港理工大學並擁有學士學位,她過往一段時間曾親身經歷過實地的保安工作,然後再接受新挑戰加入宏力保安為助理市務經理;邱怡霖的主要任務是專注開發和構建宏力保安專有的網上客户服務中心,這是一個建基於世界馳名的客户關係管理軟件Salesforce的在線平台,亦即以Salesforce CRM作為後台驅動引擎,將大大增加顧客對宏力保安客户服務的體會,這同時是宏力進行數碼化的其中一個項目,已編排於本年底推出;踏入了籌備工作的最後階段,邱怡霖已準備好為宏力保安展開數碼營銷年代新的一頁。