[2021-10-08] The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority bestows MSS the Good MPF Employer and e-Contributor Awards

MPF Schemes


MSS has been recognised under the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) 2020-21 Good MPF Employer Award Scheme to receive awards for two categories namely i) Good MPF Employer and ii) e-Contribution.  This proves that MSS has attached great importance to retirement protection for its employees.  MSS Chief HR & Admin Manager Amy AU (photo R3) says she and her payroll team (photo) are inspired by the honours and further explains that the awards are earned by implementing the Cloud-based Duty Rostering and Reporting System introduced much earlier.  The system ensures payroll efficiency and accuracy and causes MSS staff in particular the frontlines to have increasing trust and confidence towards the company.


在強制性公積金計劃管理局(積金局)主辦的2020-21 年度「積金好僱主」嘉許計劃中,宏力保安同時獲得 i) 積金好僱主和ii) 電子供款獎 兩個獎項,這是宏力保安作為僱主致力保障及加強僱員退休福利的重大印證;宏力保安總人力資源及行政經理區秀華(圖右三),與她的薪津組人員(圖)對獲得該兩項殊榮皆感到非常鼓舞,區秀華稱,宏力保安早前引入雲端電子編更及報更系統,大大提高計算薪津的工作效率和準確度,更重要的是加強了員工尤其前線人員對公司的信心和信任。


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