Kenneth Lai


Kenneth LAI (photo), aged 23, started his first job with MSS last summer as a Training Assistant and was among a group of new bloods who were freshly graduated from tertiary institutions and joined MSS at the same time.  Kenneth assists in preparing on-the job training modules and delivering them on-line as well as running the QASRS Security Guard Training (QF Level 1) course.  Kenneth remarks that he came across and was impressed by a great number of security officers and guards all of whom had a strong sense to serve and secure other people.   While he is coached and tutored by two veteran security trainers, his interest in the security field has grown.  Kenneth is now determined and ambitious to further develop himself to become a security professional as his ultimate goal.

去年夏天宏力保安有一班從多所専上學府剛畢業加入的年青新血,開始他們的第一份工作,黎俊彦Kenneth (圖)是其中一位,他現時的職位是訓練助理,負責協助制作訓練的單元軟件和透過網上進行在職訓練,以及營運QASRS保安員培訓證書(資歷架構第1級)課程;  多月來Kenneth 遇見了很多給他深刻印象的保安人員,這些從業員都專業地表現出強烈的服務概念和保安意識,再加上他的兩位資深導師悉心培育和輔助,使Kenneth對保安行業漸漸瞭解並産生了濃厚興趣,有志在這個行業繼續學習和發展希望最終成為專業人員。


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