KA Chiu-Fung


“Work harder and play harder than you did yesterday”. This is the mantra of Ms. KA Chiu-Fung, who has won the Best Security Services Awards for the last three consecutive years, while carrying out her duties. During one such incident while patrolling KA observed a little girl crying while being pulled by the hand by a local man. On seeing the facial expression of the little girl being one of helplessness and reticence KA thought this not to be natural and stepped in to ascertain what was happening during which the local man refused to identify himself.

KA immediately took the little girl to a safe place and assisted her to be reunited with her family. The family on hearing what had happened thanked KA both in person and by letter for saving their four year old daughter which caused them much happiness. A letter praising the training provided to KA was also sent to MSS. 

Chief Security Manager Anthony LUI on behalf of MSS visited KA at her post to compliment her for her enthusiasm, diligence and her powers of observation while carrying out her duties.

「做任何事都好,今天要比昨天更加努力。」這句至理名言是連續三年榮獲最佳保安服務獎的宏力保安駐場主管 – 賈昭芳(圖左)的座右銘,亦是她做人及做事的態度。月前,觀察入微的她在日常巡邏中,看見眼前有一位小女孩哭著被一名本地男子手拖住,因注意到小女孩無助及十分抗拒的眼神,她心感不尋常並立即上前查問,發現小女孩並不認識該名男子而他亦不願表露身份,所以她立即將小女孩帶到安全地方並協助小女孩與家人團聚。家人得知事件後,連同讚賞信親身感激賈女士拯救了她四歲的女兒及一個家庭的幸福 ; 亦來信表示肯定及讚揚宏力保安對員工的培訓。總保安經理呂裕安得知事件後,親自到崗位代表公司嘉許賈昭芳對工作的熱誠及細心。


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