Training Service

A milestone for Security Training in Hong Kong

One of MSS's core beliefs is the importance of ongoing training that is why we invested six months in the development and implementation of ISO 9001:2000 in July of 2002, making us the only security training establishment in Asia with an ISO accredited training department.

In accordance with Cap.460 the Security and Guarding Services Ordinance, we provide basic and refresher training to both our junior and experienced security personnel. In addition to basic training programmes we are continuously updating our staff both on and off site with the latest in security techniques and procedures.

MSS also provides tailor made training programmes to suit various public and private organisations such as shopping malls, building management companies, industrial and residential sites. All of our trainers have government-recognized qualifications and are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of learning possible.

These programmes include:

  1. Recognised Security Guards Training Course

  2. MSS’s basic security training course is recognised by and registered with the Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority (SGSIA) and the Vocational Training Council (VTC) under the Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS). This training course is open to new and existing employees of MSS and members of the general public. Up-on successful completion of the course, trainees are exempt for a period of five years from the requirement of undergoing the mandatory 16 hour basic training course at each new employment.

    The Basic Security Training Course will cover the following basic topics:

    • Basic Responsibilities and Special Skills
    • The Importance of the Security Guard
    • An Introduction to General Law for Security Use
    • The Correct Procedure in Preparing an Incident Report
    • First-Aid Skills
    • Firefighting: Precaution and Control
    • Emergency Handling Procedure
    • Industrial Safety Regulations
    • Document Processing
    • Basic Knowledge on Building Management and Maintenance

    Quality Assurance System

    In order to standardize the Recognition Scheme of the Security Training Courses and provide trainees with recognised and transferable qualifications, the Security Services Training Board has developed the Quality Assurance System (QAS). MSS is one of the first Security training providers providing QAS recognized course in Hong Kong. With a pass in the examination of a QAS recognized course, trainees would be qualified to obtain a Security Personnel Permit. A pass in the examination of a QAS recognized course is equal to have met the “Proficiency in Security Work” criterion for obtaining a Security Personnel Permit and excludes the requirement of a trainee undergoing basic security training at each new employment for a period of five years. Furthermore the QAS recognised course will provide trainees with qualification transferable and recognised by other industries, showing our commitment to our staff, their future and their performance at your site.

  3. Customer Service Training Course

  4. The Customer Service Training Course can be tailored to be conducted over one to three (1-3) days depending on the requirements of a particular site or customer. This course for our Security Personnel enhances their customer service knowledge and in-terpersonal communication skills, in addition this course can be customized to suit property management companies and the retail industry.

    The Customer Services Training Course will cover the following topics:

    • Excellence in Customer Service
    • Communication
    • Creating two-way communication on the telephone
    • Problem solving skills
    • Learning the dos and don'ts
    • Procedure for handling enquiries
    • Managing Special / Difficult Situations
    • Key words to use in catastrophic situation
  5. Supervisor Training Course

  6. The Supervisory Training Course can last from one to three days (1-3), depending on the size of the team and the level of responsibility required. These tailor made courses for our Supervisory Security Personnel are aimed at enhancing their managerial skills for the security team, thus enhancing quality.

    The Supervisory Training Course will cover the following topics:

    • Being an effective supervisor
    • Coaching for enhanced performance
    • Conducting small groups meetings
    • Problem solving skills
    • Staff Motivation skills
    • Critical analysis and decision making
    • Interpersonal communication skills
    • Team effectiveness
  7. Private Road Management Training Course

  8. The Private Road Management Training Course lasts for one (1) day. Tailor made for our Security Personnel to enhance their knowledge of private road management, this training is highly beneficial for staff posted to most sites; in particular university campuses, residential estates and commercial complexes.

    The Private Road Management Training Course covers the following topics:

    • Traffic Control
    • Road Traffic Ordinance
    • Emergency handling procedure
    • Traffic Accident handling procedure
    • First-Aid Skills
    • Knowledge on private road management and maintenance
    • Use of traffic control equipment